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Sunday, April 30, 2023 2pm

12 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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About The Singularity Play
At Google, an artificial intelligence named Denise has written a play called The Uncanny Valley. To test the reach and limit of AI art-making in theater, arguably the most human of the arts, the company has employed a downtown theater troupe to rehearse and develop the play with Denise and her algorithm-consultant Greg. But how intelligible is Denise's work to human artists? How free of manipulation? What makes art "good?" Who determines "good?" What makes art "human," and who determines the category of "human?" 


Written by Jay Stull
Directed by Keenan Tyler Oliphant
Featuring Kayla Bey '25, Jack Griffin '25, Ryan Morillo '23, Walter Ohams '23, Jeremy Ornstein '24, Emi Park Cummings '24, Sophia Parker '23, Katie Runions '25, Mireya Sanchez-Maes '24, Julia Ward '25, and Cheryl D. Singleton.

Lighting Design by Christina Tang
Scenic Design by Luciana Stecconi
Costume Design by Rachel Padula-Shufelt
Props Design by Kat Nakaji
Sound Design by Bailey Trierweiler and UptownWorks
Multimedia Design by Treyden Chiaravalloti
Choreography by LROD

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