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Wednesday, January 26, 2022 4pm to 5:15pm

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Next-Gen Quantum Investigators Colloquium

Dr. Yonglong Xie kicks off this 7-week series with "Probing Quantum Materials with Scanning Probe Microscopy." 45 minutes followed by discussion with attendees.

Electrons inside matter can behave as complex particles that do not exist in the Standard Model. These seemingly impossible effects are examples of emergent phenomena — unexpected collective behaviors of electrons in quantum materials. The discovery and characterization of new emergent phenomena in quantum materials not only expands the boundaries of our knowledge, but also provides unique opportunities for future quantum technologies. However, because these effects often manifest in subtle ways, detecting them requires developing new, more sophisticated measurement tools.

In this talk, I will demonstrate how a class of experimental techniques in scanning probe microscopy can be used as a general tool for unlocking new phenomena in quantum materials. To illustrate the power of this approach, I will focus on our recent experimental observation of novel topological quantum states in magic-angle graphene — enabled by scanning single-electrontransistor microscopy. I will then highlight examples in which scanning probe microscopy permits the discovery of novel phases in other quantum materials. I will conclude by outlining how pushing the boundaries of existing scanning probe microscopy will enable the future discovery and characterization of other new emergent phenomena and functionalities in quantum materials, devices, and circuits.

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