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Wednesday, April 20, 2022 2pm to 3pm

Virtual Event
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Do you ever feel anxious about grades, speaking up or presenting?

Afraid to perform a specific task or challenge?

Worried you can't manage the stress of academic demands?

You are not alone.

One in 5 people suffer with some kind performance anxiety, such as taking tests, going on interviews, facing thesis/dissertation deadlines, sports performance and stage fright, to name a few. In this virtual workshop series, you will learn effective strategies for managing performance anxiety. Instead of exerting energy trying to change anxious thoughts and feelings, you will learn how to change your relationship with them. You will also learns ways to manage the physiological symptoms associated with the flight/fight response. 

Based on the evidence-based method called Acceptance Commitment Therapy, each session will introduce and create space for practicing skills that can reduce the impact that anxiety is having on your performance and life. Skills covered include:  

  • Mindfulness  
  • Acceptance 
  • Defusion 
  • Values clarification 
  • Physical symptom management 


Join for one session or attend as many workshops as you need.  The series is co-led by Wenhui Yang, LMHC, and Mason Blake.

Open to all registered Harvard students (undergrad, grads) who have paid the 2021-2022 Student Health Fee. 

For more information contact Mason Blake, MA, mblake@huhs.harvard.edu

If you are interested, please email the group leader directly and include your Student ID number, which allows CAMHS to securely message the workshop/group zoom link. 

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