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Thursday, November 30, 2023 7pm to 8pm

Beren Conference Room

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Do you participate in the financial system? Do you earn, spend, buy, sell, borrow, lend, acquire or even drive a hard bargain? Do you take part in activities that facilitate an exchange of the federally-backed standard of measure known colloquially as cheddar, dough, bread, green or the almighty dollar?

I see nods all around. But less certain is if someone ever sat you down to talk about the ins and outs of the never-ending fiscal dance. That's why we, the Pre-Business and Pre-Career teams, are running Winthrop's first ever Personal Finance Seminar.

Other than my general savvy, what makes me qualified to talk about cash? I spent four years after college pushing papers at BlackRock and, while the amount of actual work I completed is up for debate, I kept my ears pricked for hot goss about money management. We'll cover topics like:

- Quotidian Finance (Budgeting, Spending, Saving)

- Credit (Cards, Rates, Scores)

- Investing (Strategies, Vehicles, Approaches)

- Tax-Advantaged Accounts (Retirement, Education)

Plus, there will be food. See email to RSVP.


Matt, Mike & Benny

Pre-Business & Pre-Career Tutors

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