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Friday, May 6, 2022

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Please wait two business days after confirming your enrollment with Admissions to claim your HarvardKey and establish your email account. During this two-day period your name and Harvard University Identification number (HUID) activate in Harvard's databases. Your HUID is an 8-digit number that is unique to you, and can be found on the applicant portal.

With your HUID, you can claim your HarvardKey and establish your @college email account. You'll then be prompted to activate Duo two-step verification to access protected Harvard online resources and applications. Your @college email account will be the official address that Harvard will use to contact you. You'll want to memorize your HUID and HarvardKey and protect them as you would any other personal, confidential information.

Once your email is set up, you can access your new account through gmail: https://mail.google.com/a/college.harvard.edu.

Contact HUIT with any questions related to your HarvardKey, email, or two-step verification.

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