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Wednesday, February 8, 2023 6pm

1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

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. . . . Unity implies the coming together of elements which are, to begin with, varied and diverse in their particular natures. Our persistence in examining the tensions within diversity encourages growth toward our common goal. . . . (Lorde, “Learning from the Sixties,” Harvard, February, 1982)

With reference to Audre Lorde’s “Learning From the Sixties” and various feminist texts, Dr. Clarke’s talk “Whose Beloved Community Are We?: Interrogating Practice” will explore these issues. 

  • Are the adherents of “The Beloved Community” still wedded to nonviolence? 
  • Is the “Beloved Community” merely derivative of Christian practice? Or is it a praxis that is ever open to inclusion of communities whose variousness and diversity challenge constricted notions of who belongs?
  • To whom was MLK referring—his interracial followers and those others who would inherit his legacy of radical inclusion?  
  • What makes the Community Beloved? Of whom is it Beloved?  Is the Beloved Community going to attain “equity” and “inclusion.”  And, if so, how must LGBTQ people include ourselves, because there is no doubt we are part of this so-called Beloved Community.
  • If it is a practice, how does one practice Beloved Community?  

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